C David Cook Photography

C. David Cook

    C. David Cook (a traditional and High Dynamic Range photographer) discovered his passion for photography when enrolled in a black and white class during the sixth grade. “I was fascinated with the many facets of creating a photo from lighting and exposure to the anticipation of seeing the print come to life in the darkroom”.

    When David purchased his first SLR style camera in his late teens it opened a new realm of creativity and education due to all the means available to control exposure parameters using depth of field or exposure length or perspective or lighting. “The cost of developing negatives prevented me from fully pursuing photography as a career” David says that with the advent of digital photography and the purchases of Nikon digital SLR’s “It was on!”

    Living in NE Tennessee provides unlimited opportunities for nature photography. “I’ve had tremendous feedback from both amateur and professional photographers alike, with their encouragement and the great support of family and friends I feel that I soon will be able to call photography a full time career”. Although David enjoys nature photography immensely, he looks forward to expanding his talents into commercial photography. “I’m very excited about my future as a portrait photographer, as well as shooting architecture and possibly weddings in the near future”.